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Walk the meandering paths of Mercado Central, zip through the canopy of the cloud forest of Monteverde and catch a wave with Tortuga Surf Camp in Jacó. Welcome to Vida Magazine. Welcome to Costa Rica. Pura Vida. 


Costa Rica



A Beverage with a Past

By: Mary Clay Kline

A family-owned cacao and tropical fruit farm educates visitors with a timeless treat.

Arenal Volcano

By: Jessa Reid Bolling

Tourists climb old lava flows and encounter diverse wildlife while searching for a glimpse of La Fortuna’s most iconic landmark



Good Vibes Only

By: Alayna Clay

There are many different ways to experience the rapidly growing surfing industry in Playa Jacó.

A Permanent Souvenir

By: Kaylin Bowen

Tattoo souvenirs document the culture of nature and Pura Vida in the studios of Costa Rica as artists craft lasting memories.

Worth the Hike

By: Emma Bissell and Mary Kathryn Carpenter

A stunning view can be found high above the beaches of Jacó.

A Living Eden

By: Jessa Reid Bolling

Costa Rica's National Parks preserve the natural wonders of the country for future generations.

The Frequency of Empowerment

By: Christina Ausley and Alexander Richey

Costa Rica boasts a 97 percent literacy rate, in part by utilizing the sometimes-forgotten radio system.



Adrenaline-Spiked Flight

By: Alayna Clay

What better place to zipline than the home of ziplining itself?  Monteverde offers a variety of zip line tours, and they aren’t only for adrenaline junkies.

Starting from Scratch

By: Mary Clay Kline

Female-owned businesses in Santa Elena utilize crafts and cooking to move forward.

An Invitation to Connection

By: Kaylin Bowen

Experience forest bathing in the cloud forest of Monteverde and leave stress behind.

Local Flavor

By: Mary Clay Kline

In many Costa Rican homes, food and love are synonymous.

Friends and the Promised Land

By: Alexander Richey

The journey of four Alabama Quakers to find their home in Monteverde.

San José


Saluting the Markets of San José

By: Mary Clay Kline

Inside the crowded Mercado Borbón, people shuffle through narrow pathways to visit tiny stalls where friendly and upbeat fruit vendors hand out samples of tropical native fruits such as sour, limey cas and sweet granadilla.

Rectify the Scene

By: Alexander Richey

Beyond the gallo pinto, casados and Imperial there are several creatives shaking the culinary world of Costa Rica.