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Rectify the Scene

Beyond the gallo pinto, casados and Imperial there are several creatives shaking the culinary world of Costa Rica.

Alexander Richey
Mary Kathryn Carpenter
Mary Clay Kline

The typical conversation surrounding Costa Rican food and drink culture may often be limited to rice, beans and Imperial beer. The same handful of ingredients is prepared in different ways to end up on the ubiquitous menu that exists in most restaurants. The amalgam of staples is often washed down with the iconic national beer. A humble diet of necessities is cooked by the salt of the earth and consumed in sodas, small cafés that grew in popularity during the 1950’s as American hamburger and Coca-Cola culture was imported into the country.

But beyond the gallo pinto, casados and Imperial there are several creatives shaking the culinary world of Costa Rica.

Liz Furlong of Bebedero, a cocktail bar in the heart of San José has been recognized by the cocktail publication, Imbibe Magazine, for new approaches to drinks. At Bebedero, some of Costa Rica's lesser known native plants are combined with Cacique, the national liquor,  in what Liz calls “jungle bartending.”


Dispatches from Costa Rica Host Alexander Richey will recall the serendipitous encounter with Chef Santiago Fernandez of the restaurants Silvestre and Don Rufino and try grilled octopus for the first time. Chef Federico Lizano of Maza Bistro will give a tour of an organic market and sample native Costa Rican food.


Vida writer, Mary Clay Kline, will also join us for this episode, and together they’ll explore the elevated fare in the tico life.

from Costa Rica
Listen to this episode of Dispatches to hear the shakers of the San Jose food and drink scene.

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Top Left: Lettuce from a local vendor. Vida Magazine | Mary Clay Kline
Top Right: The organic market in San Jose. Vida Magazine | Mary Clay Kline
Middle Left: Bebedero's take on a whiskey sour with aloe vera. Vida Magazine | Mary Kathryn Carpenter
Middle Right: Bebedero has no menu. Drinks are made specifically tailored to guests tastes. Vida Magazine | Mary Kathryn Carpenter
Bottom Left: Liz Furlong is the head bartender and partner in Bebedero and Maza Bistro. Vida Magazine | Mary Kathryn Carpenter
Bottom Right: Tools of the trade. Vida Magazine | Mary Kathryn Carpenter

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